Known-bugs and bug reporting

Reporting a bug

SocNetV started as a hobby project but we keep improving it. This is not a finished product, nor is there any warranty of correctedness and efficiency.

Nevertheless, if you encounter a bug, please file it in our github issue tracker:

All known bugs are documented there.

In order to send a meaningful bug report, run socnetv and repeat the steps which lead to the bug manifestation.

When you are sure about the steps leading to the bug, post the bug report detailing all the steps. This will help us reproduce the bug and fix it.

To contact us directly, send an email to: info@.nosp@m.socn.nosp@m.etv.o.nosp@m.rg

If you have any feature requests, we are looking forward to hear it. Please file it in the issue tracker as well.

Known Bugs


All known bugs are documented there.