Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CActorThe Actor struct Used while parsing edge lists
 CCompareActorsThe CompareActors class Implements a min-priority queue Used while parsing weighted edge lists
 CGraphThe Graph class This is the main class for a Graph, used in conjuction with GraphVertex, Parser and Matrix objects. Graph class methods are the interface to various analysis algorithms GraphVertex class holds each vertex data (colors, strings, statistics, etc) Matrix class holds the adjacency matrix of the network. Parser class loads files of networks
 CGraphDistanceHolds the distance to target. Used in Graph::dijkstra() priority_queue
 CGraphDistancesCompareMetric to implement a min-priority queue. The operator returns true if if t1 is closer than t2 Used in Graph::dijkstra() priority_queue
 CMainWindowThe base window of SocNetV contains all widgets and functionality
 CParserDefines a class for network file loading and parsing
 CWebCrawlerThe WebCrawler class Parses HTML code it receives, locates urls inside it and puts them into a url queue (passed from the parent) while emitting signals to the parent to create new nodes and edges between them