SocNetV v3.0 released

SocNetV: Social Network Analysis and Visualization Software

SocNetV v3.0 released

SocNetV v3.0 released

The Social Network Visualizer project has released a brand-new version of our favorite SNA application. SocNetV v3.0 brings improved speed and responsiveness, bugfixes and new command line parameters.

Using the new version you will get faster computations because Graph is now running on a separate thread. Also, this is the first SocNetV version to support hardware accelerated (OpenGL) rendering of the networks on the canvas. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be disabled in Settings.

The Web Crawler has been improved to test for OpenSSL support in the OS and give the user hints what to do if no OpenSSL is present. Also, the delay between requests has been fixed, and it works.

Among various bug fixes: fixed a serious bug in weighted network centrality computations (see #123).

Note: To run SocNetV 3.0 AppImage in Fedora 34 which uses Wayland by default, use:

env GDK_BACKEND=x11 ./SocNetV-3.0-dev-x86_64.AppImage

But no worries, you can get a proper Fedora/openSUSE package (rpm) from our OBS repos!

The new version is now available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Go to the SocNetV Downloads page and get it.

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SocNetV Features

Explore the nice features of SocNetV to make
your social network research real fun!

  • Easy User Interface

    Navigate yourself and use the application either with the mouse or the keyboard.

  • File Formats

    Load and save to GraphML, but you can also import most network file formats (GML, Pajek, UCINET, GraphViz, Adjacency, EdgeList etc).

  • Network analysis

    Compute distances, eccentricity, connectedness, clique census, triad census, and Prominence indices (i.e. eigenvector, betweenness and information centrality, promixity prestige, pagerank and more)

  • Visualization

    Apply intuitive visualization layouts on undirected/directed graphs, based on prominence scores or force-directed models.

  • Famous networks

    Automatically recreate known social network datasets such as Padgett's Families

  • Random networks

    Create random networks using one of the supported models (scale-free, Erdős–Rényi, lattice, small worlds)

  • Web Crawler

    Easily visualize and analyze networks of linked web pages and sites through the built-in web crawler.

  • Multi-relational

    Work with multiple relations concurrently. SocNetV supports loading, editing and saving multirelational social networks.

  • Documentation

    Learn to work with SocNetV and make use of Social Network Analysis methods by reading our Manual

  • Free Software

    SocNetV is Free and Open-Source Software, use it everywhere. Have a feature request? Ask us!

Have fun with Social Network Analysis

Use the buttons to download Social Network Visualizer for your OS or to learn more about Social Network Analysis and Visualization reading the Manual .